Bridal dresses start from- £550 (inclusive of consultation, all fittings, materials and make up of dress; no hidden costs!)

Please note:

Quote for a wedding dress is based on each individual project; since the time it takes to make your dress, cost of fabrics, complexity of design can vary considerably. 


Veils- short/ medium and long length with either one or two tier. Prices  £50- £100


Adult bridesmaids start from- £250 (inclusive of one fitting and make up of dress but not fabrics)

Prom dresses/ Evening dresses start from- £250


Grooms/ Best man/ Usher waistcoat- £75

Grooms/ Best man/ Usher waistcost and cravat or tie-£95.


Child bridesmaid/flower girl start from- £95

Child Communion dress start from- £95